Thursday’s WOD 03.07.19

CrossFit Type 44, CrossFit Type 44 West – CROSSFIT

Group Warm-up

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Team of 2

100 Cleans 95/135

75 Push Jerks 85/125

50 Thrusters 75/105

Max Reps Wallball 14/20
Rx+.. 125/185, 105/155, 95/135

*One person working at a time

**Try working out with someone new!

Metcon (No Measure)

Skill Work

EMOM 12:


Muscle ups (2-4 MU Each Minute)

HSPU (5-7 Strict/kipping)

Deficit HSPU (3-5)

Ring Dips (5-8)

Pull Ups/C2B (5-10)

Pistols (6-10 Total)
*Pick a weakness, or 2 to alternate. Perform low reps as perfectly as possible.

*Some of these movements could show up in the CrossFit Open workout. It is okay to work on those movements but do not over-do them or tear your hands!