Sunday’s WOD 11.29.20

Sunday’s WOD 11.29.20


50 Jumping Jacks or 100 Mt Climbers


3 Rounds:
10 Deadbugs
10 Tuck-ups
(R1) 4 Scorpions (R2) 6 Cat/Cow (R3) :30 Hollow Hold
20 Shoulder Taps
10 Push-ups

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
Bodyweight TABATA

Tuck Jumps
Straight Leg Sit-ups
Single Arm Plank (switch arms ea. round)

:20 of Work, :10 of Rest…Max reps in every :20 Work period. Complete 8 rounds (4 mins) at each exercise before moving to the next. Score is lowest round of each movement.

5 mins of Wall-sit


3 mins of Bus Driver (weighted)

*Cumulative time