New You Challenge

The New You Challenge is a 6 week program designed to introduce new people to CrossFit style training in a safe and effective manner. This program includes before and after testing, nutrition guidance, and 18 awesome sessions in small group training. Some classes are ladies only and some are co-ed, whichever you prefer. Cost is only $300 for the entire package and you will transform your approach to fitness and jumpstart your path to a better, fitter, more confident you!

Next Challenge:

New challenge dates coming Fall 2019…stay tuned!

“I was a little nervous being a bit out of shape and not so young, but the coaches here are amazing. They are conscientious of everyone in their class, fitness and knowledge levels, have the right type of humor and push to challenge everyone while remaining safe. I can’t say enough. I love it and I’m hooked! AND getting results. When I was trying to get in shape on my own, not so much.”

E. Harris – Facebook Review

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