Friday’s WOD 06.14.19

CrossFit Type 44, CrossFit Type 44 West – CROSSFIT

Group Warm-up

Metcon (Weight)

Complete 10 TGU ea. Side

(score only TGU)

*Complete 60-100 Russian Twists
Go as heavy as you can while still maintaining form

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 18:

Min 1- Bike/Row Cal 12/15

Min 2- 30-50 Double Under

Min 3- Burpee

*Score is total number of burpees
**Doubles..If more advanced, & DU’s are “easy” to you, 50 would be best choice, if you have DU’s, but struggle at times go w/ a lower number, but DON’T change half way through. Stick with your reps!