Power Volume W2D2

CrossFit Type 44 – Olympic Lifting Strength & Technique Class

Olympic Dynamic Warm-up (Time)

Walking Hamstring Stretch LOB

Sampson Stretch LOB

Walking Groin Stretch LOB

High Knees LOB

Butt Kickers LOB

PVC Pass Throughs

PVC Good Mornings

Power Clean (50/3 60/3 70/3 (75-80/3)x5)

Push Press (50/8 60/7 70/6 (75-80/5)x5)

Back Squat (50/8 60/8 70/8 (75/8)x5)

Romanian Deadlift (Work to 5×8 @ 70%)

Start at a hang and lower bar to below knee without touching the floor and return to the top. Keep legs as straight as possible with out locking out the knees.