Olympic Lifting for February 13, 2018

Olympic Testing week

Olympic Dynamic Warm-up (Time)
Walking Hamstring Stretch LOB
Sampson Stretch LOB
Walking Groin Stretch LOB
High Knees LOB
Butt Kickers LOB
PVC Good Mornings
PVC Pass Throughs
Small Arm Circles 10 each direction
Large Arm Circles 10 each direction
1x Crossover Symmetry Protocol
Snatch (50/3 60/2 70/2 80/1 85/1 90/1… MAX OUT)
Back Squat (Work to a 1 Rep Max )
Clean and Jerk (50/3/3/3 60/2/2/2 (70-75/1/1/1)x4)
Clean pull/ Clean/ Jerk